Take Amazing Photos with Your Phone with this Addon

The ZoomShot Pro allows you to take even more amazing photos with your camera and cell phone, in seconds. After you place the iPhone behind the monocular device, adjust the focus to get a perfect, clear picture. This product can also be used with other cell phones that have similar camera features.
The ZoomShot Pro is the perfect accessory for taking cool cellphone pics by simply mounting your cellphone behind the monocular device. The Zoomshot Pro is a universal cellphone camera case that allows you to easily add the power of a telephoto lens to your existing cell phone. Now you can take clear zoom pictures from up to 120 feet away with no mess or hassle of changing lenses. The Zoomshot Pro is a super cool set of telescopic lens and clamp which enables you to quickly affix a digital camera, camcorder, iPhone or smartphone at just about any desired angle. Overall Zoomshot Pro is a great camera accessory for those who want to take cool pictures with their smart phones. Using this product is as easy as holding your phone. If you want to learn more about the Zoomshot Pro, check out and read the reviews for Zoomshot Pro.

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