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My name is Kirill, I am from Russia, I have been doing commercial development for over 15 years. For the last 4 years I have been developing my own trading system for working with cryptocurrency exchanges.

Currently, it is efficient and can fully work with the 12 most popular exchanges. The code is written entirely in c ++. There is an application for Android that allows you to constantly monitor health, efficiency, and manage configuration.

The main purpose of the system is statistical arbitration on eth / usdt and btc / usdt pairs. The system can do this out of the box, and pretty well. True, the entry threshold for obtaining tangible results (> 0.2% ROI per day) is from 30,000 USD of the total portfolio on all accounts. Also, API interfaces (websocket, rest) are implemented, there is support for webhook - which allows you to easily integrate a universal interface for interacting with exchanges into any of your projects ..

The system requires VPS / VDS / DS 6+ cores, running Ubuntu Server 18.04+, 8Gb RAM, 500Gb hdd, static IP address and high-speed access

A summary of the performance (average daily ROI) of the system on various portfolios and pairs. For the period from 10.19 to 07.20

The values have been rounded up for persuasiveness :-)

The system is completely autonomous, and with correct security settings on exchange accounts, it is absolutely safe.

In fact, there are a lot of interesting things technically. But, this text would not have been, and I would still be quietly clipping coupons, adding new exchanges and enjoying life if I were not such an idiot :-)

Recently, I made the biggest mistake in my life, and put all my, and not only my, money at stake in an online casino .. History is as old as the world, and everyone understands how it ended.

So, now, while I have not yet been convicted, I am ready to provide the system to everyone for an unlimited period, and those who like its effectiveness will sell updates and support in the future at a negotiated price. Perhaps this is the only way for me to continue working on the system and close my debts.

This is not an attempt to gain access to your accounts, each exchange has detailed instructions on how to organize security.

Works with exchanges















Trading pairs can be changed to whatever you are interested in.

Ask questions, I will answer as much as possible!

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