Surgeries by Robots? Future Turning Into Reality

Robot-assisted surgery is a newly developed concept in the field of orthopedics. This new development has brought some changes to the orthopedic department. It is widely believed that it is 100% control by robots but it is not the same. The orthopedic surgeon is involved completely in the surgery, robots serve as helping hands. In robotic orthopedic surgery, long-lasting results are expected with reduced recovery time.


Orthopedic surgeries done with the help of robots have significant benefits. Some of them are listed below:
  • The accuracy rate is increased.
  • The eliminated risk for bacterial contamination
  • Ligament balance is highly optimized
  • Higher efficiency rate
  • More real information provided
  • Shorter operating time
  • Significant cost savings
  • Fewer chances for revision surgery
  • Bone cuts performed with accuracy
  • Every minute detail noticed that may not be seen with the human eye

There are different types of Softwares used for robotic orthopedic surgery. The system to be selected should be the most suited one for the patient as well as the hospital.
  • Navio: This does not perform activities in the surgery but it will stop functioning when it is out of the defined area that is safe. CT is not required in this system which is the major advantage and cost-saving.   The mapping technique is used in this software. 
  • Mako:   CT scan is performed before surgery. These scans help in knowing the exact position for the implant. Precise implant positions are observed in this software. The presence of the surgeon is however mandatory.
  • Rosa: This software requires X-ray, which reduces the cost of   CT  These X-rays are performed using special arrays, which provide accurate results for planning out the surgeries. Active participation of the surgeon is also required.

There are proper certifications for all three techniques. So a trained doctor can perform this type of surgery. Robotic orthopedic surgery is different from traditional surgery.

These techniques require the exact understanding of where implants are to be placed and three-dimensional spatial thinking. More doctors are indulging in this training to get more accurate surgeries done.


Many scientific results have proven that robot-assisted surgeries have a higher accuracy rate. These surgeries are free of human error. Robotic orthopedic surgery has a better result than the manual one.

They have less pain and swelling and had improved improvement than the patients who opted for a manual one. It is also observed that the cost is significantly less than the usual manual one. It is advisable to contact a trusted doctor according to the case of the patient.

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