Steps to consider before proceeding with developing an app like YouTube

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YouTube has captivated people's attention since its launch. As per 2018's fourth-quarter reports, around 25% of the Internet users have viewed YouTube at least once a day. In 2016, YouTube's US net video advertising revenue was 2.16 billion US dollars, while in 2018, it rose to 3.36 billion US dollars. YouTube stands as the widely used app in the US, with one of the famous world ranks in both Google PlayStore and iOS AppStore. This makes people wonder what goes on with YouTube app development. Here are some of the preliminary steps involved in building such a successful app,

Step1: When it comes to the app development process, everybody's attention turns towards coding and going with building the app. This is often how people go wrong, and it is impossible to undo if any mistakes are made if you start with coding. So it is better to start with forming a layout regarding app design, logo and compare it with the existing apps. Decide on crucial aspects like the business model and revenue streams.

Step2: Create a catalog of the minimal viable features required for the app development process. Here are some of the essential features offered by the best video streaming apps:

  • Search videos: People should quickly locate the videos they need. The auto-complete features should provide appropriate prompts while searching. Like YouTube, the app must-have the option to sort the videos in a particular channel with respective dates created. 

  • Live Streaming: People are looking out for the live streaming videos hosted by their favorite channels as it presents them as a facility as if they are present there. Live streaming is one of the must-have features for apps like YouTube.

  • Playlist: Users can create the playlists of their favorite songs and video and share them with others by enabling it as a public sharing video. This will bring more subscribers to particular users.

  • Notification: Users should be notified whenever their subscribed channels post a new video via push-notifications.

Step3: After deciding the layout & features, then comes the stage of creating mockups/write-ups. This template is to be revised by experts until the app is ready for development for the front-end.

After these steps, the app development cycle begins. 


It may be challenging to commit to the complete app development process. People can instead opt for best live streaming apps from app development companies like Appdupe. These apps are customizable, so it can be tailored to suit your needs. Request for a proposal and get a clone app from us.

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