Southwest Cancellation Policy Guide

Obtain proper information regarding cancelation policy on Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines allows canceling a non-refundable and refundable flight ticket online within 24 hours of booking. Apart from that, you can cancel your flight ticket using miles and points on its booking website on Southwest Airlines. So if you want to cancel your flight, you need to understand the basic concepts and make your flight journey perfect in many ways.

Southwest cancellation policy including 10 min cancellation:

You can cancel your unused flight ticket online and it is a refundable flight that can be canceled within 10 minutes before your flight is departed. You can have an option to choose the best flight that you want to cancel at no cost. You can have the option to your original form of payment or Travel Funds for future use perfectly.

Cancellation with points:

It is mandatory to avail of the information on the point and miles that you have earned from the previous flight booking. It is all about a certain function that must be converted into the points to cancel your flight ticket online with ease. If your cancellation request is pending for the thread that is called function and thus, you can simply cancel your flight ticket online using its points in a good manner.

24 hours cancellation:

If you want to cancel your flight ticket online, you need to make sure that you have a plentiful time of 24 hours before departure your flight. At this, you can simply send the request for the refund that you can apply to get a refund within a short span of time.

If you are following every terms and condition of the Southwest cancellation policy to cancel your flight ticket online, you don’t have to pay any single amount and also get the chance to book another flight instantly.    

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