Solar and Wind Project Funding

Are you planning to set up solar or wind projects in Europe, Africa, Asia-pacific then we have a solution for you?

If you are looking for funding for your solar and wind project, we definitely can provide you the funding so that you can start your own venture without any hurdles.

Kapok Capital is a leading solar fundraising company and very much experienced corporate finance advisor who arranges debt for financing solar power projects.
We basically fund through the combination of equity and

debt. We believe that it is our moral duty to make this world a better place to live, healthy and green and to make it green we must reduce the usage of petrol and diesel and vehicles run on these.

We must focus on bio-gases, solar, and wind energy. By using these sources which are abundant in nature we can control pollution and create a good healthy atmosphere in and around us.

We also believe that funding solar energy projects and financing developments of sustainable energy generation is one of the best green investments.

In many countries, the government keeps fixed and variable tariffs for solar and wind energy producers because this can save lots of electricity and generate more and more power.
In some countries, the government even buys the energy from the producers and pays them in return (in the form of money).

In different countries, the cost of project setup varies and it makes it expensive to start with but we believe that is an important part of the investment for the development of the project and especially when the cost of the initial capital affects the investor's return.
We have a structure of fundraising in the three steps

1. Development Equity: For the funding of the Pre RTB costs of the projects in the pipeline.

2. Construction Equity: This includes funding of 20 to 25% of the construction budget.

3. Debt Finance: This is to make up the balance of the solar project capital structure.
With the increase in petroleum and pollution causing by it, many investors are investing in wind energy to reduce the effect of petroleum.

The wind industry has grown exponentially in the past years. In wind production projects it is not restricted to small machines but involved in wind turbine generation projects.
Due to the demand for wind energy, more numbers of projects are coming into the market and due to that more funding has been introducing in the market.

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