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 Data protection worries more and more people today. Trends are not only not encouraging, they are simply terrifying - even televisions begin to follow us. The surest way is to always assume that someone is listening to us and defensively defend ourselves. You can raise SSH tunnels and SOCKS’s, you can use them to identify the necessary traffic, you can use HTTPS wherever you can by installing plugins for this. However, the most suitable technology for this was, is, and for a long time to be a VPN. Can someone tell me which is better to use SoftEther VPN for me to work that would not leak DNS and free

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3 months ago
It justifiably does because of the level of hackers and trackers present online. I personally use vpn中国 which is a great VPN and meets all my needs for not a lot of charge. It is a very effective method to be secure.
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