Social Distancing or Self-quarantine: Here’s how you can spend your time

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As everything is getting postponed, colleges and universities are closed, sporting events got canceled, and all the tourist hot spots are shut down, many people are wondering how they can spend most of the time at home. Health professionals and experts are recommending people to maintain social distancing to prevent the virus from spreading.
Staying in isolation might a piece of cake for many, but it is difficult for those who have a mental illness and need to follow a daily routine to remain healthy. We know how important it is to stop the spread of Covid-19, but social isolation can be the breeding ground of fears and depression for many people. The least you can do is to engage in some activities at home, to avoid these distressing feelings.
Well, if you are planning to be in self-quarantine, UK Dissertation Help has jotted down some of the things which you can do in your time in quarantine.
  • Netflix and relax!
Though, Netflix has announced to suspend the production of all the movies and TV shows amid Coronavirus pandemic, but, there are still many movies and shows on Netflix for you to watch. You got ample time to binge-watch the entire season of Friends or get on the adventures with The Witcher. All the Money heist fans should rejoice, as their favorite show is about to hit the screen soon!
  • Contribute something positive during the crises!
Who says that you have to be in the field to help people? You can also be helpful while staying in quarantine! If you think that you have considerable information about the virus and people around you are still unaware of the pandemic, you can start writing and filming blog to make them aware. This will provide you with an opportunity to contribute to the fight against the virus by informing people with legitimate information.
  • Learn any musical instrument
Music is the cure of everything, not all but at least for the distress feelings! Dust off that old instrument and start practicing already! You can watch YouTube videos to learn to play the instrument - be it guitar or piano! It will keep you distracted from the chaos out there!
  •  Complete that long watch list!
Well, now it’s the time to complete that long list of movies, which you have avoided until now. Good movies evoke certain emotions in you that helps you to deviate from your suffering and gives an escape from reality. From the 90’s classic to all the marvel movies, get on to your laptop and start watching already!
  • Meditate
Meditation is another way you can keep all the anxiety and worries at bay while being in quarantine. Lie down with your eyes closed, palms up in the air while controlling on your breaths. Spend good 20-30 minutes in meditation to freshen up your soul.

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