So please, for you, start today, whatever it is that you are doubting.

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🎈 What does this mean?⠀

You know the saying \"People don\'t regret what they did do, they regret what they didn\'t do\"?⠀

That\'s exactly like this. ⠀

It\'s way worse to regret not having tried than it is to regret a failure. ⠀

The worst thing about not trying something, is that you will never know what would have happened if you tried. You can always just imagine, and imagination can be cruel.⠀

Tons of times in my life I have imagined how something would have been if I would have just have had the courage to try. To start that thing, to kiss that girl.⠀

In my head those scenarios would always had played out wonderfully if I dared to try, and since I didn\'t dare to I punish myself and gets filled of regret for being a coward.⠀

The contrast between what could have happened, and my reality gets big and horrible to bear.⠀

That\'s why it\'s much better to try and fail. There is no \"I wonder what would have happened...\" because now you know. You don\'t have to compare a made up reality with the real reality - because there is no made up reality to invent.⠀

So please, for you, start today, whatever it is that you are doubting. Be Nike - JUST DO IT!⠀

Please comment, what do you want to start today? ⠀

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