Smoke Bomb Photography Ideas For An Eccentric Pre-Wedding Shoot

Smoke bomb photography is one of the most loved pre-wedding photography trends. It is a great way to make your pre-wedding shoot fun and playful, almost everybody is trying their hands at it. It has added a creative edge in the era of new-age photography. But the challenge here again lies in this very factor of it’s over the top popularity and creating new looks. The same old basic pre-wedding shoot pictures with basic smoke bombs have become kinda boring.
However, if you’re still a big fan of this trend and are planning on trying it out for your own pre-wedding shoot, then we have a few tips that can give your basic smoke bomb photoshoot pictures an awesome turnaround. 

Bookmark these wonderful smoke bomb photography tip-offs for a pre-wedding shoot like never before – 

1. Use Smoke Bomb To Create A Surreal Backdrop

The most common smoke bomb photography pictures basically just consist of couples in their wedding outfits holding smoke bombs in their hands and looking into the camera, and we highly recommend not doing that. Rather we suggest you create a surreal backdrop for your pictures with these smoke bombs by placing them out of the frame and just have the smoke surround you and your partner. 
Trust us on this, it would look simply magical, something out of a different reality. Also, a great way to elevate the appeal of such pictures would be to try out some unique outfits and romanticize the moment with your partner rather than looking into the camera as the photoshoot is all about the love and chemistry you and your better half share. 
pre wedding shoot
Image source – heart in the clouds
pre wedding shoot using smoke bombs
Image source – rensphotographia
pre-wedding photoshoot
Check out these smoke bomb photographs that’ll tempt you to have one for yourself. 

2. Try Different Outdoor Locations

Smoke bombs are definitely not recommended to be used in a closed space so you must select an open-air outdoor location. For outdoor dreamy shots, you have a lot of options. 
Hit the beach for a breezy carefree vibe.
smoke bomb photography
Image source – Stories by Swati Chauhan
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The jungle for a mystical outlandish look.
pre-wedding shoot
Image source – Roma Patel
smoke bomb photography
Image source – Saurabh
Smoke Bomb Photography
confetti film
Use the vast expanse of an arid desert for a movie like appeal.
smoke bomb photoshoot
Image source – Clique Photography
pre-wedding shoot ideas
Image source – Kristina Davini Photography
Read about this couple that had a beautiful desert wedding in Abu Dhabi with just 8 guests.
Wedding Collection By Toujours

3. Experiment With Different/Unusual Colors For Your Smoke Bomb Photography

Smoke bomb photography is all about the beauty that the colorful smoke adds to the setup and therefore you can go as crazy as you want with the choice of your colors. You can either choose something to create a conceptual look or something that complements your outfits or even better use multi-colors at the same time.  
Here are a few examples of unusual smoke bombs colors that you can take inspiration from and experiment with yourself.pre-wedding photoshoot
Image source –
Smoke Bomb Pre-Wedding Photography
Smoke Bomb Photography Ideas
j lad photo
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