Smart Farming – Future of Agriculture

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The emerging concept of ‘Smart farming’ is the key to the future of agriculture. This exclusive management process boosts a farm’s productivity through up-to-the-minute technology. Robotics, drones, AI and the superior of them all, the Internet of Things (IoT) comes as one to elevate agriculture to an absolute new operational level. IoT has empowered the 21st century farmers to have access to GPS, soil scanning, agriculture field data management and Internet of Things technologies.
The farmers can now precisely measure variations within a field and design new farming strategies accordingly. Farmers can now make a productive choice of pesticides and fertilizers for healthier crop production. Through Smart Farming techniques, they can even monitor the health of the animals/birds which help in the identification of disease affected animals/birds at an early stage. With IoT, boosting the quantity and quality of the agricultural products is not much laborious now!

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