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Sky Q recently rolled out their HDR (HLG) update. If you're reading this, you'll already know what HDR is and why you want it - so I'll skip the formalities.

There seems to be a fair amount of confusion out there re: the update (myself included) so now I've figured it all out I thought I'd share all the relevant info. 

Box compatibility

First and foremost, only some boxes are able to output HDR. If your box is one of the following versions, it won't work:

32B0xx - Sky Q 2TB
32C0xx - Sky Q 1TB
32C1xx - Sky Q 1TB

Mini boxes are not compatible either. You check your compatibility by going Settings > System Info. The box version is listed as "Hardware Version". As it stands, unless you report a fault (:wink:) Sky will charge you if you wish to upgrade your box.


Sky UHD content is not HDR by default. At time of writing, only select 4k UHD content is HDR. Do your own research to determine which programmes are available in HDR. 

Software version

Whilst HDR is still available on some older software versions, I'd recommend you ensure you're running the latest update - Q120. This can be checked by going Settings > System Info. The update version is listed as "Software Version". To manually attempt an update click "setup" to the right of the Software Version. I tried to force the update for several weeks unsuccessfully and had to revert to one of my weaker traits... patience!

Sky Settings

Once the above points are all taken care of, you'll want to check that your Sky box is configured correctly to output HDR. Go to Settings > Setup > Audio Visual. For the best 4k HDR picture you'll want to set resolution to 2160p 10-bit.

Your Sky box will detect your TV / AV capabilities. If all of the above settings are configured, you should ​be able to watch HDR. You'll know its HDR because your TV will normally present a little HDR or HLG pop-up to indicate that you've selected an HDR programme. If you don't get the pop-up or ​​​if you're Sky box won't let you configure the required settings, something else is wrong that you'll need to address. This was exactly what I experienced. Read my next post for information on configuring your TV and Amp / AV settings for HDR.

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