Sitting out the Pandemic in a Northern Michigan Cottage

Working Remote with a Pandemic Going on.
Will northern Michigan see a spike in cottages opening up early this year as a hide-a-way for remote workers? It makes perfect sense. Many of the main companies within the Detroit area, including General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler have told their employees to figure reception starting on Monday, March 16. not every employee are going to be ready to thereto, but it\'ll serve to stay numbers down and at a lower density in their large offices. Other workers like teachers and child care providers are sent home through the primary week of April. A change of scenery may prevent some from climbing the walls trying to stay isolated from the Michigan coronavirus in their suburban neighborhoods.

In a study conducted in 1995 by Michigan State University researchers, second homes are common north of US-10. This highway’s east-west road is usually used because of the denotation point of being “up north”. within the 2010 U.S. census, it had been reported that Michigan had over 235,000 homes denoted as being secondary. this suggests the cottage or cabin is typically vacant apart from seasonal, recreational, or occasional use. Ideal situation to work remotely during the coronavirus outbreak.

The jury remains out on if those within the Detroit area with summer homes and cottages will make their way north to take a seat out the Michigan coronavirus. Indeed, many of those northern towns are going to be in wintertime mode, typically until May. Small grocery and party stores in cottage country are pack up until spring. Stores that are open, are stocked inventory typical to support local winter residents, not 100s of summer people. If there's an exodus from the town, adjustments will need to be made.

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