Singapore Culture Essay Sample for College Students

One of the most amazing places in the world, Singapore has its own charm and never fails to surprize and amaze people. In this article we are discussing about the culture and traditions in Singapore with the help of experts at assignment help singapore.

Singapore is a located southern tip of Malay Peninsula and it is around 85 miles away from the north of the equator. It consists of a diamond-shaped island called Singapore Island and other 60 small islets. The port of Singapore is the largest in southern Asia and busiest in the world. Its climate is characterized as high temperature (27 degrees in June and 25 degrees in January) and constant rainfall throughout the year.  The forest area and wildlife are very less and is preserved. 

The culture of Singapore has changed so much in the past years. Austronesian people who arrived from Taiwan have a major influence on the original culture of Singapore. During the past years, it has been influenced by various Chinese dynasties and other Asian countries.

Some traditions followed in Singapore

Some really amazing and fascinating traditions are followed around Singapore. The traditions are a mixture of Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures. Some commonly known and followed traditions are

• Take off the shoes before entering someone’s house and remove them before entering a temple or a mosque.

• Don’t point something or someone with the finger. Just raise your hand.

• Gender discrimination a legal offence here.

• Tipping is not a sort of practice that is followed in Singapore. In places like restaurant they already add service tax and that’s why it is discouraged.

• Call or refer a middle-age person ‘uncle or auntie’ it is considered as a sign of respect.

• Don’t touch someone’s head it is considered as sacred while the feet are considered bad so don’t point that to someone. 

Religions in Singapore

Chinese Buddhism is the major religion which is followed in Singapore as there are more migrants from south china. Hinduism is also commonly followed by the people of south Indian heritage. Christianity is growing from the last few years as many young Singaporeans are leaning towards it.

Language of Singapore

There are four official languages in Singapore and they are English, Malay, Tamil, and Chinese mandarin. Out of four English is commonly used in Singapore and Singaporean version of English is called as ‘Singlish’. Malay is spoken by only 15-17% of the population, however, the national anthem of Singapore is written in Malay and the army commands have also used this language. The writing includes British English in Singapore. 

Cuisine in Singapore

Singapore is not a cheap place to live in but it is surely a budget-friendly place to eat. Singapore cuisine consists of various mouth-watering dishes at street stalls and high-end restaurants. The most common cuisine has Chinese, Malay, and Indian flavours but being a cosmopolitan place it serves the cuisine of all places.

Singapore culture is diverse and it has a unique flavour of the neighbourhood India and china. The sample article on Singapore culture discussed various aspects of language, religion and cuisine. Students are getting helped from the experts in writing similar assignments and other academic essay writing services. You can also avail of the services at pocket-friendly prices.

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