Set-and-Forget Autobot Crypto Trading Experiment: Year 1 Results

100% Passive Cryptocurrency Trading

Back in January of 2019, I began a series of articles about my experience with automated cryptocurrency trading. One landed here on Publish0x, and the other went up on Hackernoon. Here we are, a year later, and you're now reading the latest chapter. Greetings!
Dex is a good friend of mine
Both articles aim to not only show you what's possible but also to teach you how to achieve similar results. But before we begin, you should know this:
The author has no authority to guide anyone else's financial decisions. Please do not consider this content to be investment advice. This article is for informational and educational purposes only. In other words, DYOR.
OK, now that we have the fine-print out of the way, let's get into the juicy details.

3 Tools Get You All Set Up

Before you can let a robot trade your account while you Netflix and chill, you're gonna need 3 things:

1) Free, Gold-level account with Truwho

Dex the autonomous trading bot is powered by the Dropil project.
In addition to this bot, the team is creating a decentralized exchange and already has a very clever crypto wallet with built-in alerts.
But in order to use Dex the bot, you'll need to pass Know Your Customer via Truwho.
As a blockchain project beyond the fund-raising stage, Dropil doesn't handle KYC themselves.

2) Free Dropil Account 

This is where the magic happens.
Within your account, you can choose safe, moderate, or aggressive trade settings to match your risk tolerance. 

3) At least $50 in $DROP tokens

Dex runs on crypto, and you gotta grease your bot's gears if you expect it to work.
Load your account with at least $50 in the Dropil project's native crypto.
 $DROP trades against $BTC and $ETH on the BitMart Exchange
Now, if you're unsure how to trade one crypto for another, I've got you covered. This beginner-friendly tutorial will walk you through everything.
Although the article uses KuCoin as an example, trading is almost identical at BitMart:
How to Trade Fiat for Crypto, Crypto for Crypto, and Crypto for Fiat
If you made it this far, congrats, you're all set up!
Dropil went above and beyond to make Dex -- and all of their algorithms -- super-simple to use. If you can trade crypto on a centralized exchange, you can use Dex, practically in your sleep.
Now let's take a look at how Dex performed over the course of an entire year.

Personal Results

I set the first cycle to the "Moderate" setting. From there, I set Dex to full-risk mode.
Cycle 1  = 1.3%
Cycle 2  = 2.53%
Cycle 3  = 1.43%

*Cycle 4  = 3.25% (best cycle)

Values ommitted 
Cycle 5  = 2.44%
Cycle 6  = 2.25%
Cycle 7  = 1.67%
Cycle 8  = 2.17%
Cycle 9  = 2.40%
Cycle 10  = 1.26%
Cycle 11  = 2.79%
Cycle 12  = 2.52%
Cycle 13  = 1.81%
Cycle 14  = 2.64%
Cycle 15  = 1.51%
Cycle 16  = 0.8% 
Cycle 17  = 1.15%
Cycle 18  = 2.87%
Cycle 19  = 1.77%
Cycle 20  = 2.18%
Cycle 21  = 1.85%
Cycle 22  = 1.47%
*Cycle 23  = 0.43% (worst cycle)
Cycle 24  = 2.45%
Average return, compounded every 15 days: 1.96%
Can your local bank do that for you? Hell no, they won't, because they're not that generous with the interest they earn on consumer deposits.

Summing Up

Although these hands-off percentages are impressive, we're still in a bearish market and we might rename this one $DROPITLIKEITSHOT token.
In other words, trading gains were offset by the year-long pullback in $DROP prices. I'm about even after it all.
That said, maybe you, too, have a small bag that you're hoping will rebound during the next true bull run? Are we at the beginnings of a new one now, a few months before the BTC halving event? Time will tell.
Even though funds trade during 15-day sessions, you can withdraw them to an exchange or personal wallet at any time. You can even set up a Dex telegram bot to check your balance without having to log in to Dropil with 2FA.
Now, if Dropil could only pull this off with a stablecoin... game over!

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9 months ago
Although the article uses KuCoin as an example, trading is almost identical at BitMart:

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