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If you are searching Flettner Ventilators in NZ, It is powered by a rotor that catches the wind or the air stream created by the motion of a vehicle. Beneath the rotor is a powerful centrifugal fan that expels air outwards and thus draws stale air out from below, helping to eliminate excess heat, condensation, mold and the build-up of vapors and gases. Installation onto the roof of a vehicle or building is simple, requiring only a four bolt fixing and a 96 mm (3.8 inch) circular vent aperture. An adaptor is available to enable the ventilator to bridge thicker roof cavities or the insulation layer within a double-skinned roof. Buildings including outhouses, cabins, caravans, trailer homes, attics, biological toilets, and more. Flettner wind-powered rotary ventilators are one of the most respected brands NZ. They are manufactured to the highest standards in the UK and are so reliable you can fit them to your vehicle and then forget about them. This is because they require no maintenance. Benefits of Flettner Ventilators:  Tough and durable, Completely reliable, Suitable for extreme conditions, Operate around the clock and etc. For more info, visit our website:

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At Roofquip, we are the leading supplier of roof vent solutions for NZ properties and vehicles.The building roof ventilation systems we supply in NZ are suitable for any type of building.

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