Secrets to Flawless Skin - Health and Beauty Tips to Make you Glow

Did you know you spend WAY more on your skin than you actually need to? It’s true! It may be the
largest organ of the human body and exposed to the elements, but all it really needs is some
supplements and lifestyle changes to glow. Plus, you can also ruin your skin if you buy products that
aren’t suited to it.
The following are some tried and tested health and beauty secrets that can help you bring elasticity back
to your skin:

Get that Blood Pumping!
This may sound a bit harsh, but if your skin refuses to retain its flawless tinge regardless of the products
you slather on it daily, it may be time to re-think your lifestyle. You see, as you age, your skin starts to
lose that elasticity and shine due to lack of moisture and exercise.
To revert this, you need to adopt certain activities that can get that blood pumping once again. This
includes changing your diet, getting enough sleep in a day, drinking as much water as possible,
maintaining a healthy exercise regime etc.

Adopt Vitamins in your Diet
Speaking of diet changes, remember the point about the skin being the largest organ in the body? Well,
just like any other organ, it sometimes needs a little extra help to remain soft and supple.
Vitamin A (present in spinach, eggs, cheese, grapefruit etc) can help your skin repair itself more quickly,
Vitamin C (present in pineapple, cabbage, potatoes, toatoes etc) can keep it oxygenated (not to mention
supple) while Vitamin E (present in hazel nut, asparagus, wheat germ etc) can prevent it from getting
too wrinkly as you age.

Use Cosmeceuticals – The Best of Both Worlds
On the other hand, you can also opt for cosmeceuticals. Cosmetics may have trace elements of the
‘good stuff’ but cosmeceuticals can actually help restore your youthful appearance. How? As the name
implies, these are body care products that combine the best of both worlds i.e. beneficial drugs and
cosmetics. For instance, shampoos are cosmetics, but the dandruff fighting variety is both a cosmetic
and a drug.

Stay Away from Junk Food
They are the reasons why you end up suffering from those enflamed pustules known as PIMPLES. You
see, your skin is full of tiny pores that it needs to breathe. If these are blocked, they become ideal
breeding grounds for pimple producing bacteria. How? Once the sebaceous or oil glands become
inflamed, they can start producing more oil than the skin needs, resulting in clogs.

Experts believe that a certain diet can irritate the skin and make it oilier. This includes sugary treats, soft
drinks and processed food that can cause insulin levels to rise resulting in metabolic changes that can
trigger the oil glands on your face. Typically, teenagers suffer from this painful (not to mention
embarrassing) condition due to their developing metabolism.

The above mentioned tips may seem difficult, but think of the glow your skin will take once they are in
place! Take care of the body and your skin will shine like a new penny.
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