Scam phishing emails - protect yourself online

Scam phishing emails
Phishing is an attempt by fraudsters to obtain your personal info - whether it be your email address, account passwords, bank accounts details, pretty much any of your info that can be misused.

Phishing emails work by mimicking a trustworthy entity for e.g. Amazon, or maybe your bank. The email looks authentic, and will attempt to lure you into providing further info via a link "click here" or a button "log into your account".

Often they use luring tactics to tempt you in to further action. Some examples might be:

- we've detected suspicious activity on your account

- you're due a refund

- you've won a ferrari

If you click the link, you're taken to an unauthenticate website that looks exactly like the real thing. You then proceed to enter your details (username, password etc.) and voila! The fraudsters are now able to login to your account, place orders, spend your money, even remove funds!

Here are some useful tips to help you avoid becoming a victim of phishing emails:

- check the sender email address. Usually there will be a subtle difference between a scam email address and the real thing

- never click a link in an email. If you receive an email from American Express, visit the website as you would normally - either via a bookmark you've created or by entering the website address (url) yourself

- hover over a link (none touch devices such as mobiles) and most email clients will display the website address (url) of the page the link will take you to

- check for spelling mistakes. Many scam emails reveal themselves via incorrect grammar, poor punctuation, typos etc.

- pay close attention to branding. The logo might be poor quality, the font might look different to how it does usually, maybe the colours are slight off.

- if you clicked the link already (not advised!) check the website address (url) carefully before proceeding. Amaz0n is not the same site as Amazon.

I hope this info helps you guys stay safe out there!

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