Sandblasting PPE Market to Grow 1.5X, with High Uptake in Developing Regions, Projects Fact.MR

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The global sandblasting PPE market value will multiply 1.5 times its current value during the forecast period (2019-2029). Increasing applications in construction, mining, oil & gas propel the demand for sandblasting personal protective equipment (PPE). Shale gas exploration in countries such as the US, Canada presents lucrative opportunities for market players. Development of new products that offer advanced protection and greater working flexibility is a popular strategy to differentiate product offerings. Market players are segregating product portfolios on the basis of specific industry verticals to cater to the demand for end-use customized protective gear.
Demand from marine and construction industries post the COVID-19 pandemic will drive the demand for sandblasting PPE products and aid speedy recovery of the market,” opines a Fact.MR analyst.
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Sandblasting PPE Market – Key Takeaways
  • Marine industry offered the most financially rewarding opportunities with over 25% share of the total market value.
  • The marine segment will grow ~1.5X through 2029.
  • Respirators is the highest selling product type with a majority share of total sales.
  • Hearing protection equipment presents the most remunerative opportunities with the highest growth rate among product types.
  • Demand from the construction segment will increase 2.1X greater than textile applications.
  • Europe and East Asia, collectively account for more than 42% share of the total market value.
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Sandblasting PPE Market – Key Driving Factors
  • Increasing need for high-performance surface of various end-use industry components, drives the demand for sandblasting PPE products.
  • Stringent labor safety laws by statutory bodies in Europe further the adoption of sandblasting PPE.
  • The dust particles released from sandblasting mandates the use of sandblasting PPE perpetually.
  • Emphasis on workplace safety by major manufacturers in various industries drives the adoption of sandblasting PPE by new entrants and competitors.
Sandblasting PPE Market – Key Restraints
  • Trade suspension due to COVID-19 restraints an otherwise healthy growth of the sandblasting PPE market.
  • Loss of cash reserves amid COVID-19 lockdowns will continue to restraints growth for market players through 2029.
COVID-19 Impact of Sandblasting PPE Market
Battling uncertainties of the COVID-19 Pandemic, sandblasting PPE manufacturers are shifting their focus on manufacturing personal protective gear for healthcare institutions. This is a move to sustain the strenuous impact of COVID-19 on the demand for sandblasting PPE from construction, utilities, oil & gas, mining, and manufacturing industries. Each of the application industries mentioned above have been adversely affected by trade suspension due to COVID-19.
As the financial recovery of the market is directly dependent on the effectiveness in containing the spread of COVID-19. Market players are adopting innovative applications in healthcare to support the fight against novel coronavirus. Successful recovery strategies will prioritize fast-recovering countries to generate sustainable revenues during the projection period.
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Competitive Landscape
Product innovation by leveraging advancements in material science, and industrial automation are prominent competitive strategies. Major players are forging strategic partnerships, merger, and acquisition deals to expand their global footprint. Key players that influence the competition are, but not limited to, RPB Safety LLC, Honeywell Safety, 3M Company, Lakeland Industries, Inc., Empire Abrasive Equipment Company L.P., Blastone International, Airblast B.V., Clemco Industries Corp., and Jenessco Industries Inc.
About the Report
This 170-page study offers in-depth commentary on the sandblasting PPE market. The study provides compelling insights on the sandblasting PPE market on the basis of equipment type (respirators, hearing protection, suits, gloves, boots, face shields, and others), application (automotive, construction, marine, oil & gas, textile, and others), across seven regions (North America, Latin America, Europe, East Asia, South Asia, Oceania, Middle East & Africa).
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