Safe US Online Soccer Betting

Whenever you are doing anything with money on the internet, it is a must that you never give out personal information to a site that should not have it. This is especially so for online betting because there are sites out there that simply use your supplied credit information and take advantage of it in one way or another.
Finding a betting site that is credible is not hard though. With the amount of online forums and sites that rank other websites activity, it will be evident quickly whether a site is credible or not. Sites like Bodog and BetBubbles are known almost everywhere for being popular and run fairly. Finding a credible site is much more common than finding one that is shady.

Legal US Soccer Betting

A lot of people in the US are currently under the impression that betting online on soccer matches is illegal, but in reality it is not. Well it is almost completely legal, Kentucky and Washington are the only 2 states that do not allow online gambling of this sort. This simple fact alone makes online betting in the US so popular, the US is one of the few countries that does have “bans” on online gambling.

Deposit Safely

Just like you have to be careful when choosing a soccer betting site to use, you also have to be pretty careful when deciding how you want to deposit money to the website. If you are on a site and begin to question its credibility my first advice would be to just cancel your account with the site. But if that is not an option for whatever reason I would advise you to use an e-wallet intermediary like PayPal and the like.
eWallets and PayPal are the safest way to go because if you send a site a check or pay with a check your money is gone as soon as it is processed through the site, and if your money never shows up or is somehow “lost”, whether that be in cyber space or in the mail, your money is gone forever. PayPal has more securities with their payments, so if you do get treated unfairly they have ways of reimbursing your payments. Credit Card payments, depending on your company, can work like that in a way too. I would say that sending a check deposit or a money order should be a last resort, PayPal and credit cards are much safer than anything that has to be sent in the mail.

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