Rural and Farm House

It’s not just small dwellings and backyard buildings that we offer, as we also offer expert farm house and rural design & build services. These larger properties have a traditional design that never goes out of fashion and is a feature of the New Zealand landscape.That said, we can also create unique and more contemporary designs, depending on your preferences and requirements. Please contact us today.

Transportable Home Office and Air BnB Design and Build

Many of our design & build customers choose our services to enhance their home by adding affordable new living spaces or features. This includes transportable home office design & build services as well as Air BnB design & build services.
Our home office solutions can be constructed as fixed buildings or as portable buildings that you can transport to a new location if you need to. They are constructed using high-quality materials, so they are highly durable, and they look fantastic. We can include any feature in the building that you need too.

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