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Social Security Number or SSN is an important identity of every US citizen. Running a social security number background check is one of the comprehensive ways to find information about someone in the United States. The SSN is used to record not only financial or legal transactions, but a lot more. 

Social Security Number is linked to public record that stores everything from criminal records to property and marriage/divorce records. It is not uncommon for people to ask questions about SSN background checks as it is one of the easiest ways to find information about someone legally. However, it is not necessary that everything can be obtained through this kind of background check. 


We will be detailing what one can expect from the background check by social security number. 

What are Public Records?

Public records are, well, records about people or entity available for public viewing. However ‘public’ not necessarily means free as many offices and courthouses charge fee for obtaining these records. Also, there is no easy means to find public records as many county departments don’t have records stored in a manner that can be easily searched online, even when you use social security number. Another problem is there is no central government database across all states. This makes it difficult to fetch public records, unless you know where to look exactly.
Linking of these records to SSN is the easiest and most efficient way to retrieve them. That is exactly what makes a social security number background check possible. 

How To Do A Background Check By SSN?

The background check is not only for employers but common people can also use SSN to know about staff they hire to work around kids and elderly. The nine digit social security number is instrumental in profile check of candidates, several screening providers and online people search sites offer you the option to access public records by SSN. 

Background Check Sites With Social Security Number Search

As mentioned before, public records linked with SSN are not easy to access. Fortunately, the people search companies and websites have collected data from every county and courthouse through paid access. These services cross-reference the collected data for accuracy, index the consistent data in their databases. You don’t have to visit any courthouse in any county to get the record you are looking for. 

On websites like A1 People Search and e-Verifile you can search for public records of a candidate using his/her Social Security Number. Anyone can use services of these websites by paying a fee to conduct the search. Some websites charge a one-time fee, while others have pay-per-search model. There are also websites that allow SSN search for free if no results are generated. As a tip, it is advised you use first, last and/or middle name along with SSN to search for records as it increases chances of finding the result easily and accurately. 

Speaking of accuracy, it is often advised that employers search for records on more than one People Search websites. Comparison of records found on different websites will help to establish the accuracy of data. 


Legal Stance 

As Social Security Number is linked with personal identification information, providing unrestricted access to everyone is not a good idea. That is why SSN background checks are done by companies with authorized permission to access SSN details. Mostly lawyers and private investigators can do SSN background checks following a strict legal protocol. By law it is required to obtain permission from the person whose SSN background check is being done as it involves his/her personal records. 

Instant people search websites we listed above provide an anonymous and discrete way of accessing public records without breaking any law. Provided you are using the public records only for informational purpose, you have the right to access them. 

SSN Is Not On A Criminal Record 

Now you understand how background check by SSN works, but you need to know about a common misconception. SSN cannot be criminal record identifiers always. 

This is simply because when criminals are caught on the crime scene, they seldom have SSN available with them. People usually carry driver’s license or state ID but not SSN. Thus the criminal records prepared mostly contain identifiers: 

   ·        First name
   ·        Last Name 
   ·        Date of Birth 
   ·        Address at the time of arrest 
   ·        Driver’s license number 

Therefore, SSN may not always be available in criminal records. Social Security Number can be considered the cornerstone of the background check. Most screening services offer social security number background check and even employers can use any of the online people search services to do a quick check based on SSN instantly. What you need to ensure is to use SSN data only for informational purpose with responsibility. 

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