Resin Coated Sand Market - Global Industry Analysis, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2027

Resin Coated Sand Market: Highlights
  • Resin coated sand (RCS) is a pre-coated sand used in shell casting and casting of products requiring high precision and better surface finish. Basic raw materials used in the manufacturing of resin coated sand are silica or quartz sand, resin (i.e. phenol formaldehyde), and hexamine hardener. The sand is used to provide smooth surfaces and precise dimensions to the components manufactured.
  • It is specially formulated to reduce emissions, smoke, and odor during production of cores and molds in ferrous and non-ferrous metal casting. Superior blending capabilities and quality control procedures allow to deliver sand within a very tight and consistent range on each required sieve screen.
  • Resin coated sand is primarily used in casting molds and cores using shell casting process. They find their major applicability in the casting of auto components such as engines, cylinders, brakes, chassis, pistons, cam followers, camshafts, hydraulic irrigation pumps, and submersible pumps.
Key Drivers of Resin Coated Sand Market
  • Exceptional properties provided by the resin coated sand is a major factor driving the resin coated sand market during the forecast period. Resin coated sand provides high hot strength and high transverse strength. Moreover, it is exceptionally smooth and gives excellent surface finish to the casting with no sand fusion. Owing to this, the demand for resin coated sand is up-surging among the industrialists, thus propelling the resin coated sand market during the forecast period.
  • Increased usage of resin coated sand by the end-use industries is also fueling the growth of the resin coated sand market in the near future 
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Resin Coated Sand Market: Application Segment
  • On the basis of application, the global resin coated sand market can be segmented into automobile, pump & motor casting, engine block, and others 
  • The automobile segment is projected to account for a major share for the global resin coated sand market by 2027. Growth of the automobile segment is estimated to remain healthy over the forecast period. Moreover, it is expected to account for a significant market share by 2027.
  • Expanding at a healthy growth rate, the pump & motor casting segment is expected to create significant incremental opportunity during the forecast period. Demand for other industrial applications is expected to remain moderate to high, across different regions.
  • The engine block segment is expected to account for a minimum share in the global resin coated sand market during the forecast period
Asia Pacific to be Key Market for Resin Coated Sand
  • In terms of region, the global resin coated sand market can be divided into five regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa
  • The market in Asia Pacific is expected to witness a significant growth, followed by Europe. Emergence of new players in the resin coated sand market has been tremendous over the past two years, particularly in countries in Asia such as China and India. Due to this, the market for resin coated sand is expected to show a sustainable growth rate over the next few years.
  • Applications of resin coated sand have been witnessing considerable demand in countries in Asia such as China and India. This demand is fueled by rising capital investments in the automobile industry. Besides, massive investment in the pumping sector is also expected to drive the demand for resin coated sand by 2027.
  • Markets in North America and Middle East & Africa are expected to show a stagnant growth rate during the forecast period 
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Key Manufacturers Operating in Market

The global resin coated sand market was highly fragmented in 2018. Key manufacturers operating in the global market include:
  • HA International
  • Tochu Corporation
  • Raysons Group
  • Zebiec
  • Asahi Modi Materials Private Limited
  • SMR Chemicals
  • Maruti Enterprise 
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