Rangitaiki River Rafting

Experience the thrill of ‘The Rollercoaster’ – consisting of the aptly named ‘Devils Cauldron’ and the breathtaking ‘Bottom Drop’. Feel the rush of ‘The Waterfall’ which has an awesome 3 metre drop into a churning pool of white water through the Wairoa Rivers boulder-strewn rock canyon. Topped off with a small lunch and refreshments at the river All our guides are handpicked, highly skilled professionals. They come from an extreme white water background either in kayaking or rafting. They have extensive experience of white water rafting in Rotorua. We are a company super friendly guides that strive to give you the safest & most entertaining trip on the river!

For more info: https://kaitunacascades.co.nz/


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Kaituna Cascades Rafting Company is rated #1 rafting company in New Zealand on Tripadvisor! We are the original Kaituna Rafting company & have been operating since 1991.

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