Rafting Rotorua

With summer being just a few weeks away in bay of plenty, you can think of no greater time to travel down under to New Zealand for a luxury holiday and to escape the winter chill approaching England’s shores. New Zealand’s sheer beauty and mysterious landscape as the Lord of the Rings trilogy introduced the entire world to New Zealand’s extraordinary beauty. From rugged mountains, coastlines, alpine glaciers, volcanoes, fjords, geysers, never-ending green valleys, are just some of the many natural attractions that wait for you and are the things to do in bay of plenty. 

New Zealand enjoys a moderate, maritime climate. New Zealand does have moderately high rainfall and several hours of sunshine throughout the country. The weather is influenced by the country’s vast mountains and the sea which surrounds it. During the summer months the weather is between twenty two and thirty five degrees, making New Zealand the perfect luxury holiday destination. New Zealand is world renowned for being the adrenaline capital of the world and for a good reason. You can enjoy a whole host of adrenaline activates such as caving, quad biking, bungee jumping, climbing and abseiling. After embarking on one or even all of these activities why not recover with a soak in a volcanic mud pool or go for a dip in one of New Zealand’s many hot springs. 

The things to do in bay of plenty provide with some of the greatest whale watching in the entire world. On your luxury New Zealand holiday you can embark on one of New Zealand’s many whale watching tours, there are very good chances of seeing marine life such as giant sperm whales, albatross, fur seals and pendant upon the season you may be lucky enough to see blue whales, humpback whales and right whales. The beauty of going on a whale tour in New Zealand is if you don’t get to see any whales then you will be given of your fee back.

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