QualiFLY Faster and Easier to a TMI Credential!

If you want to earn HR certifications at a faster rate and easily amid this coronavirus crisis, then enrolling for QualiFLY would be the right step for you.

All around the world, professionals are utilizing this self-isolation period imposed to ensure social distancing for digital learning. Due to the corona virus crisis, many professionals are forced to either change or search for a job as many companies opt for furloughing, lay-off, salary-freeze, and many other measures to prevent business loss.

Upskilling oneself will help professionals to level up their career to the next level, or change jobs, or search jobs in case their company opted for lay-off. In a way, it is time to bank on the opportunity created by the COVID-19 crisis by staying safe and using the time efficiently. In this crisis period, the demand for HR professionals who can show transferable skills or have experience in managing a downturn is surging.

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