Punch-Free Non-Marking Screw Stickers

Punch-Free Non-Marking Screw Stickers

Totally 10 pieces and the same size can meet your all kinds of needs. Suitable for hanging decorative plates, small pots, clothes hangers, wedding photos, handbags, keys, umbrella, clothing, etc. Easy to remove and won't leave obvious marks.


- Material: Acrylic.

- Size: 6x6x0.6cm.

- Easy to use and could apply to a variety of surfaces: you only need to stick the acrylic nails right on the selected position of the wall gently.

- Composed of durable, long-lasting materials, the strongest hook could load weight 5+ kg.

- 10 pieces and its multiple functions is a must-have for every family.

- Great for hanging keys, umbrella, clothes, photo frame, metope adornment, etc.

- Fit for a variety of surfaces: Cement walls, stickers wall, lime wall, whitewashed walls, doors. Fit for hardwood and solid walls. NOT suitable for stud walls.

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