Public adjusters versus insurance adjusters

It is often thought that public adjusters and insurance adjusters are names for the same profession. It is not though. While the job profile remains the same, it is ‘who the adjusters are working for’ determines the difference between the two.

Both the adjusters are responsible do exactly the same work – they adjust claim settlement cases and amounts; so they need to have similar qualifications and proficiency. However, a public adjuster in Aventura will work on behalf of an individual property owner; while the insurance adjuster works with the insurance company. The difference is in the representation or the employment of the services of both.

Goals of the insurance adjuster in Aventura

Aventura is a planned city in Florida about 12 miles from Miami Beach. It is one of the most preferred places to live in the state. The urban lifestyle here attracts many new homeowners, every year. The city has a planned Emergency Management team to handle disasters like storms and hurricanes; they come to visit the city, frequently.  Despite all these efforts, the property owners in the city have a tough time when a natural disaster strikes; suffering huge losses to their property and premises.

In such an event, it is natural that the property owner puts up a claim with his insurance company. The insurer then sends over his independent adjusters, also called insurance adjusters in Aventura, to assess the extent of damage so that the claim can be processed. More often than not, the work of the insurance adjusters is to ensure that the money that the insurer pays out to the property owner is as low as possible. While on papers, independent adjusters are supposed to be neutral and give their independent recommendations to the insurance company for a fair settlement; the reality is something else. Insurance adjusters are paid by the insurer – so the end goal is to focus on the check that the insurer prepares for the property owner.

This is why public adjusters in Aventura need to be hired by property owners. Public adjusters are hired and paid by the property owner. Being from the same profession, they know the nuances of the trade very well. They have an in-depth understanding of the terms and conditions mentioned in your insurance papers. They strategize the way to get the best settlement for you – their client.

Thus the end-goal of the public adjusters is to ensure that the claim settlement is favorable for their clients.

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