Promotion Bar for Magento 2 Extension

Allows the admin to add a promotion message in the attractive bar on top of the Home Page or any position of any page you want.

  • Create an unlimited number of promotion bars.
  • Show sliders or separate promo bars.
  • Easily design promo bars from the backend.
  • Add a promotion bar at any position of the page.
  • Display promotion bar on any category or product you want.
  • Set promotion bars for particular store views and customer groups.
As a limit, the default Magento 2 function doesn't support you to create promotion bars, therefore, it is difficult for store owners to declare their offers to the customers. How do you advertise your products to online visitors and get them engaged at the very first sight? Using promotion bars is recommended to show off the block of content, generally about your promotions, visibly and effectively.
This extension allows creating visually stunning promotion bars that very much support online entrepreneurs in their business, especially when sales season comes. Without code needed, you can customize the promo banners on your own.

For more update click here: Promotion Bar for Magento 2 Extension

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