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Everybody wants to be paid for their content and interactions on social media.

* Combine paying networks into one easy to use app, navigate to each network seamlessly.

* With project bluefire you can discover networks that will earn you money.

* Loyalty points from being an active Bluefirer. Gain loyalty points for each thread you create and join the spotlight challenge.

* Brainstorm ideas, share, learn and earn together as you progress.

* Use teamwork and strategies to achieve your chosen goal.

* The in house browser is simple, fast and easy to use.

* Paying Social Networks Video Tutorials and Reviews.

* Share Advice, Knowledge, Or Referrals.

* Navigate even faster with speech to text.

* Live updates. New social networks are being added frequently.

* Many free useful tools and games available when you feel bored.

Project Bluefire: Unlock the secrets of earning for being social today.

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