Popular Acquisitions by Salesforce that Make it a Compatible and User-friendly Platform

To remain competitive, businesses have started making the most of technology solutions like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems to streamline their processes and cater to their customers most efficiently. Being a cloud-based platform, Salesforce continues to be the most popular and widely adopted system due to the plethora of features, functionalities, and components offered by this platform.
In fact, Salesforce continues to reign the CRM market as it keeps updating itself with features and functionalities through the several acquisitions made by it over the years. These acquisitions have not just made it extremely compatible with other technologies but have also improved the platform’s efficiency significantly. For implementing Salesforce within your business ecosystem, it makes sense to seek help from one of the best Salesforce implementation partners available in the market.
In fact, since its inception, the company has made several acquisitions that make it appropriate for different types of business needs. Let us take a look at some of the popular ones:
Quip: Acquired by Salesforce on Aug 1, 2016this document management and collaboration tool is used to gather, merge, and store documents to help team members become more efficient. While standalone document processing tools such as Spreadsheets are outdated, they are still preferred by users. Through this acquisition, Salesforce has tried to bridge the gap by allowing users to store and share documents to whichever CRM record they are related to. Quip users can now share videos, text messages, images, and other complex documents apart from the simple ones.
Tableau: Tableau is the world’s best data visualization application, which was acquired by Salesforce in the third quarter of 2019 by paying a whopping $15.7 billion. This acquisition is one of the most significant ones as it has not just increased the reliability and power of the Salesforce platform but has also aided in improving organizational performance considerably.
Mulesoft: Acquired on Mar 20th, 2018 by Salesforce, Mulesoft provides organizations with a software platform for building application network using API’s that are inbuilt. This acquisition has been one of the most expensive acquisitions made by Salesforce to date and has helped the organization to provide an enterprise-grade solution to its customers.
Bonobo: This Israel-based start-up was acquired by Salesforce by paying around $5 million. The company was acquired in support of the AI-powered platform i.e. Salesforce Einstein. The tool can be leveraged by users to get deep customer-related insights in the form of texts, support calls, speech, etc.
These are a few of the many acquisitions made by Salesforce and the way they have been weaved technically into the Salesforce fabric. It would not be wrong to say that Salesforce has been on the forefront with these acquisitions and have provided their users with robust solutions for increased efficiency and productivity. To know more about Salesforce acquisitions, it’s better to get in touch with one of the reliable Salesforce partners

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