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Planning for a course to opt is one of the toughest decisions that every scholar faces plenty of times in their life. The decision becomes tiring and difficult, especially when there is a wide variety to choose from. If you have completed your 10th or 12th grade and have a growing interest in pursuing a good polytechnic course, this article will be helpful for you. With the help of SJP Damla and the prosperous, experienced faculties at the institute, we have lined down a list of the best polytechnic course in Haryana that fit all your requirements. But first, let's understand more about polytechnic courses, their eligibility, future opportunities and some other frequently asked questions.
About Polytechnic courses 
In India, polytechnic courses one of the most opted job oriented Diploma courses in Haryana that are considered equivalent to any other higher education degree. Sports are quite popular as a diploma in Engineering programs amongst 10th and 12th grade pass out students. Several institutes in the country offer an exhaustive list of polytechnic courses which are considered legitimate by most of the recruiting companies. These Polytechnic courses require students to pose a 10th-grade passing certificate from a recognised Board of Education. Students with a passing certificate from 12th grade are also eligible to apply for a polytechnic education program. The Polytechnic courses offered in India educate the students for three years. Post which, the students can also get lateral entry to an engineering college for a B.E. or B.Tech. degree. Polytechnic courses are designed to be job oriented in nature and have proved to be a great employment generator for years, now.
Polytechnic course in Haryana offered by SJP Damla 
SJP Damla, one of the best polytechnic college in Haryana, offers three kinds of polytechnic courses including aided courses, self-financing courses and an applied science course.
Aided Courses: The department of courses offers a diploma in computer engineering, diploma in chemical engineering (pulp and paper,) and, electronics and communication engineering.
Self-financing courses: The department of self-financing courses present at SJP Damla offers a diploma in Computer Engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineer, and electronics and communication engineering.
The Applied Science department present at SJP Damla offers a Diploma in Applied Science as well.
Polytechnic course in Haryana: which is the best? 
The choice of a polytechnic course depends entirely on your understanding and desire to pursue a particular industry. To help you narrow down the best polytechnic course that may suit your requirements, here is a list that explains each and every most sought-after polytechnic diploma course available in the country.
  • Diploma in Computer Engineering
Diploma in computer engineering is an academic program of a duration of 3 years. Diploma in Computer Engineering helps educate students in the various aspects of computer science. The curriculum of the Computer Engineering Diploma course covers topics including computer software, hardware and programming, etc. If interested, a student can easily use lateral entry and pursue a bachelor in Engineering or Bachelor of Technology degree in computer science.
  • Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering
Electronics and communication; mostly referred to as EC by students, is an academic program which is three years long just like any other diploma course. Electronics and communication private polytechnic college deals with of course curriculum that highlights all about an electronic system, communication systems, equipment, etc.
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
The diploma in mechanical engineering deals way all the concepts revolving around the working and theory of Machines, thermodynamics, engineering Graphics, engineering design, physics, etc. If interested, a student can also pursue a B.E. or B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering as a lateral entry after successfully completing the diploma in mechanical engineering.
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering
Unlike the Electronics and Communication Diploma, the diploma in Electrical Engineering covers topics such as the transmission of electricity, generation of electricity, all about Transformers and electric circuits, etc. In fact, most electrical engineers can easily pursue a master's degree in computer science, electronics and communication, and several other related fields. After successfully completing a diploma in electrical engineering, you can also opt for a B.E. or B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering.
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering; a pioneer polytechnic course in Haryana deals with concepts like construction, planning and maintenance of all kinds of physical structures including buildings, dams, canals, bridges, roads, etc.

Students who enroll in a polytechnic course in Haryana get a thorough job-oriented training. Students are groomed on all the basic skills required for engineering jobs. Become a satisfactory degree for most junior level engineering jobs in the country. Working candidates or aspiring students can easily finish their graduation right after 10th and get job offers from several public and private sector companies.
Polytechnic diploma holders can now easily find job offers from several leading industries—these industries of lucrative salary packages to fresh graduates; equivalent to an engineering candidate.
Companies like Wipro, HCL, and Polaris offer junior-level job opportunities to Polytechnic degree holders. Companies like Bajaj Auto, Siemens, Voltas, Hindustan Unilever companies that work with varied domain offer attractive opportunities for polytechnic degree holders.

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