Planning for the End: The Heartbreak of Pet Ownership

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Humans have been keeping animals as pets for as long as humanity has known. Animals do not have the ability to think and recreate things, but they do know about the basics such as survival and protection. Animals are generally classified into two types: wild animals and compliant animals. Wild animals are fierce and found in habitats that are far off from the human population. On the other hand, compliant animals can be found in the human population. It may seem that only compliant animals can be kept as pets because of their soft nature. But instead, there are a lot of cases where tamed wild animals have also been kept as pets.

While losing a pet can be extremely hard, efforts can be done to reduce the pain. Putting first things first; it is important to understand that all living beings have to die. With this clear mindset, the loss can be pre-planned. Preparations can also be made to give a warm farewell to the departing soul

There are a lot of ways through which the pain of losing a pet can be reduced. Some of these include:

1.      Giving the Pet Away Before Its Death

While this may sound absurd, it has worked for a lot of pet owners. The act of watching the animal in pain can be immensely disturbing for their owners. This is why giving the pet away in its last stages can be helpful. While losing the pet will still be painful, it would not be as painful as watching the pet be in pain itself.

2.      Giving A Warm Farewell to The Pet

A pet-themed party can be planned where all the friends and family members could be invited along with their pets. It can be followed by a pet race or an event solely for the pets to participate. The pet could also be made to feel extremely special by simple acts of offering favorite food and taking out for walks.

3.      Planning a Pet Memorial

To remember the pet in good thoughts, a pet memorial can also be set up. Examples of a good pet memorial could be a side-table decoration piece or a sculpture that can be kept in the dining room. Wallpapers can also be made of existing pictures which can be hung on the walls. A compilation of the existing videos and pictures can also be made which can be used on the farewell anniversary. Yearly reminders can also be set that can be used to remind of the pet.


4.      Planning a Pet Grave

A grave can be set up in the backyard with a pet headstone customized with pictures, name and love quotes. The grave along with the pet headstone can also be outsourced to pet grave markers which specialize in the process. Pet grave makers specialize in planning pet departure activities such as funerals, innovative graves as well as unique pet headstones.

5.      Reflecting Upon the Life Shared

It is important always to think of the positives. Like the infamous saying “don’t cry because it's over, smile because it happened”. All the wonderful instances from the past should be remembered and it should be kept in mind that nothing is permanent.

6.      Having a New Pet

Getting over the loss is a gradual process. It cannot be rushed. Once it starts to fade, the idea of keeping another pet can be taken into account. It can be a good replacement for the sorrow. All the love and warmth could be shared with the new pet. Or if there was already an existing pet, it should be made sure that the loss doesn’t affect that relationship. But instead, the loss should become a source for more love within that friendship.

7.      Opening Up to Close Friends

Opening up and sharing with friends is also a very effective remedy. A good empathizing friend can be a great source of relieving the stress. Sharing deep thoughts without hesitance helps in releasing depression and have a healthy mind

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