Philips launches new PicoPix Micro 2 and Max One portable projectors

Following the PicoPixel Micro, Philips has announced two new PicoPix series portable projectors, the models are Micro 2 and Max One. Its main feature is a lightweight and compact form factor, an immersive HD viewing experience, and a brand new user interface. In terms of parameters, the original PicoPixel Micro only has a native resolution of 480p, using a micro-HDMI interface, built-in speakers, and battery life up to 3 hours.

In contrast, the upgraded PicoPix Micro 2 model has brought many improvements. Although the native resolution is still 480p, it supports brighter images, enhanced stereo speakers, and micro-HDMI and USB-C connections.

PicoPix Micro 2 weighs 600 grams (1.2 lbs) and can last up to 3 hours after a single charge. As for the larger PicoPix Max One model, its size is 5.28×5.35×1.85 inches (approximately 13.4×13.6×4.7 cm) and weighs 1.87 pounds (approximately 848 grams)

In addition, PicoPix Max One supports Full HD 1080p resolution (Texas Instruments DLP / four-channel LED), officially claims to bring "crystal clear" image quality, and supports digital zoom, electronic image focus, automatic keystone / four-corner correction.
In terms of connection, PicoPix Max One also supports USB-C. However, due to the use of LED light sources, the life expectancy of the machine has reached 30,000 hours.

In addition to the redesigned UI, the two new PicoPix products are also equipped with a special algorithm for controlling the fan speed, thereby reducing noise by 20% compared to the previous generation.
Interested friends can purchase PicoPix Micro 2 and Max One models later this month, priced at US$299/529. As for the original PicoPix Micro, the current price is 199 US dollars.

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