Personalized Video Marketing: 5 Simple Marketing Strategies

With the frequently changing marketing trends, entrepreneurs should always look for the latest strategies and adopt the same immediately to ensure they are not left behind the competition. The main reason for the frequently changing marketing trend is that the things users prefer to interact mostly.

Users, in today’s time, prefer to watch videos. According to the latest stats, approximately 82% of Twitter users watch video content. The data also predicts that Snapchat users watch approximately 10 million videos on a per-day basis.

The above data prompted a large number of businesses to come with video marketing to catch the attention of their potential customers. And the majority of them witnessed a great outcome, be it increasing visitors on their websites, increasing product sales, or earning hefty revenue.

Furthermore, personalization is a more popular word in the digital marketing world, which of course works in encouraging customers to buy products, and thus, improves conversion rate. Personalization also works in video marketing and delivers tremendous results.

According to data, 81% of users seek that brand should cater to them with personalized video. This has given a boost to the use of personalized video marketing to a wider extent and made it the latest marketing trend that delivers sure-shot outcomes.

So, if you have not adopted this marketing trend, you should adopt it immediately. Before we discuss how to chalk out result-oriented personalized video marketing strategies. Let’s dive into the basics of personalized video. 

What are Personalized Videos?

As the name suggests, personalized videos are basically the types of videos that are created based on specific data of an individual. It is historical data that is based on an individual’s purchasing history or another way.

For instance, if individual land on your website and interacts with some products or purchased products most frequently. You can use such data to create a personalized video and send it to that individual. It brings higher possibilities that the individual will come to your website and buy the same products featured in your video. You can make your search engine marketing strategies more dynamic by adding personalized video into it.

Impeccable Strategies for Personalized Video Marketing

All you need to do is to make sure you are using the personalized video in the right place to get the maximum advantages of it. Here we are going to delve into the same. Let’s discuss here some great strategies that will help you in making your personalized video marketing more outcome-driven and therefore, helps you in getting the desired results.

Use of Personalized Introduction

It’s a great idea to use a personalized video for your prospective customers to introduce your sales team. You can put your creativity to make it fun while keeping it straightforward. It should be a welcome message. Make sure it should be interesting for your client by bringing a smile on their face.

You can also use this video to introduce your sales team especially when you spot visitors are getting ideas about your business for the very first time and also at the top of your sales funnel.

To encourage them to keep continuing through the funnel, your sales representatives introduce themselves. And here, personalized video can be the appropriate option for you. It easily catches the attention of the visitors and also increases the chances of conversion.

Personalized Demo

Sometimes, you need to give a demo of your products and services to prospective customers based on their demand. In this case, you can use the personalized video to create a demo to make it more impressive.

The personalized video demo should cover a complete detail about your products while mentioning its various features. The video should be able to let your customers know how your products or services will be able to help them. It helps you avail of the following advantages;

  • It increases customer engagement

  • It increases customer acquisition

  • It improves customer retention 

Customer Service

It’s crucial for you to access the data analytics to get details about the purchase history of your customers. It helps you in getting details like which products or services your customers purchased the most and you can follow up them accordingly.

For instance, if you run an eCommerce business, you can follow up with personalized videos to make you follow up quite interestingly. You can use the following most important factors that play a pivotal role in making your videos more personalized.
  • Full name of your clients

  • Your client’s organization name, etc

Make sure your video includes the client’s name, organization’s name, etc. These are some vital factors that play a pivotal role in making things more personalized.

Apart from this, the personalized video also helps you in some other ways to improve your customer service and also helps you in maintaining a healthy relationship with your customers. Sending personalized greeting videos, birthday videos, etc. will definitely help you in this arena. And make your efforts awarded by increasing your brand credibility among your clients.

Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, it is the major source of lead generation for a large number of businesses. Adding personalized video to your email marketing campaign tends to make the difference and takes your campaign to the next level.

Leveraging personalized video in your email marketing makes it more powerful and helps you in generating more leads and acquires new clients for your business.

Sending Invitation for Event

If you send invitations to your clients for any event, conference, etc. you can also use the personalized video content. It makes your invitation more meaningful and easily draws the attention of recipients. Though it doesn’t guarantee that your recipients will attend the event, it lets them feel more connected with you. 


Personalized video marketing nowadays witnessed its wide acceptance among businesses for offering guaranteed outcomes, be it acquiring new customers, increasing the sale of products and services, or business revenue. Above are some great video marketing strategies and benefits that you can take into account to improve results.  

Author Bio:

Venkatesh C.R.

Venkatesh is a serial entrepreneur with a distinct passion for taking nascent businesses to great heights. An early entrant in the mobile application technology, Venkatesh grew his flagship company, Dot Com Infoway (DCI) to be recognized as one of the world’s leading digital marketing, web, and mobile app development & marketing company. 






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