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Cats are one of the most beautiful species of animals that are guests of many people’s house today. Keeping these cute and playful animals can give your home a different color and smell. Persian cat or Iranian cat is one of the best and most beautiful breeds of cat in the world. This particular breed of cats has attracted the attention of many people with its unique characteristics. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the features of this cat to boast about its authenticity, beauty and intelligence.

Persian cat/ beauty and authenticity together

Persian cat is one of the most famous breeds of cat across the world. The first mention of Persian cat is in a letter written by a famous Italian traveler named Pietro Valavale.
The breed has been introduced to Europe since the 16th century and today is considered as one of the most popular pets. Evidence shows that these cats first entered the green continent from Khorasan by commercial ships. Cats with long white hair and blue eyes were the oldest imported species to the Europe and the Americas.
One of the interesting points is that in some European and American regions, Persian cats are known as Shirazi cats. Other names attributed to this cat are long hair, long Persian hair and Shiraz.
In the 20th century, following the rise of cat popularity all across the world, Persian cat or long- hair cat also gained popularity. For this reason, many of them were collected from Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan and sold under the name of Asian Cats throughout Europe.

Persian Cat | A Noble Cat

The mentioned cat has attracted the attention of many people, including kings and elders, because of its limitless beauty and its grouchy but cute appearance. The Persian cat is one of Queen Victoria’s most popular cats, and this has added to its appeal. Persian cat is admired by many people for its beauty as well as its polite and gentle manner and has been able to easily accommodate most families.
It was first unveiled in 1871 at the Cat Exhibition in Crystal Palace, England. This breed is not much different from its ancestors, but there have been some reforms. For example, the nose of this animal is very sensitive because it is too short and widespread, can cause numerous respiratory problems for this animal.

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