Partner with a Reputed Firm Who Will Know How to Launch My Own Sto

Crowdfunding your business becomes simple and easy if you understand how to launch my own STO. 

A security token development agency will be well-equipped in creating equity tokens (stake in company’s capital with voting rights and distribution of dividends), debt tokens (with a payback guarantee like corporate bonds and real estate mortgages), asset-backed tokens (with support of real-world assets like property, cars, and gold), intellectual property tokens (for availing patents, royalty, and copyrights), and energy tokens ( for smart city projects, green mining farms, and oil production companies).

The advantages they will assure you is through end-to-end regulatory compliance,  programmable equity, adequate provision of liquidity, unrestricted access to global capital investment programs, absence of any intermediaries, greater market efficiency, cost-effective operations, automated rights to the investors in the form of digital tokens, provision of real-time investment analytics, and access to fractional ownership. 

The solutions they provide comprises accredited investor verification, automated reporting to the concerned regulatory bodies, protection against money laundering activities, rendering portfolio management for the investors, establishing a voting facility for investors, and tracking shareholder management. 

The process they strictly adhere to is collecting your business requirements, choosing the right blockchain network like Stellar, EOS, or Ethereum, preparing the whitepaper, registering the early investors and verifying them through KYC, developing the smart contract, testing the whole application on your operational environment, and launching it live post extensive testing. 

They will be highly skilled to tokenize any kind of assets like rare artwork, venture capital funds, collectible cars, coins, jewellery, silver, and renewable energy. 

The total cost primarily depends on the quality of the whitepaper, smart contract development, type of token creation, organizing the marketing campaigns, and token issuance. 

Hence, partner with a reputed STO development agency and make full use of this profitable opportunity as STO’s have higher flexibility, fewer market barriers, and more chance of greater investor acquisition. 

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