Palm Fruit Jelly 52 Seeds = 20,000 Riel or US$5 at Tonle Bati Resort in Cambodia

This video is from my trip to Tonle Bati Resort at Takeo Province. Cambodian people is cutting open the jelly or seed from palm fruits for selling. I asked one husband & wife there, who are working on this on where they get these palm fruits from, if they picked them up the palm trees? The husband said that they bought from others. The price for they bought was 800 riel per fruit. They are selling these jelly or seed, 10 units = 4,000 riel (US$ 1) and 52 Seeds or Jelly = 20,000 Riel or US$5. The fresh jelly taste great. We just eat them as a snack for make a desert.  Your support is a huge encouragement for me as a Khmer to continue sharing the tourist attraction places in Cambodia to all Khmer and the World and bring more tourists to Cambodia.

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