Onlyfans has become a global phenomenon

During the year 2020, Onlyfans has become a global phenomenon. This platform, which functions as a subscription service, allows creators to upload their content and earn money because users pay to view it.

The English portal, which was founded four years ago by Timothy Stokely, works like a traditional social network, but has a wall of payments. Although users can find all kinds of publications related to health, food or fitness issues, its rise has been thanks to adult material.

In this, in addition to finding photos, videos and live broadcasts, users can have direct contact through chats with the creators and ask them for content tailored to their needs, which makes for a closer and more personalised user experience.

However, this is not the only subscription-based content platform of its kind; in fact, its creation was inspired by the American Patreon. However, the latter has imposed barriers to explicit publishing, according to The Economist, due to pressure from payment processors and banks in the United States, a fact which of course gave Onlyfans the full advantage of the niche.

The amount paid by users varies depending on the rates set by the creators themselves, but monthly fees are usually available from US$5 or US$10.

Thus, the fee paid by the user per month depends on how many accounts he subscribes to, the tips he gives and the premium content he purchases.

In the case of content creators, it works as follows: after creating their account and confirming their legal age, with the support of their identity card, they must enter their bank information, to which the platform will make the corresponding payments.

The portal keeps 20% of the profits generated and transfers the remaining 80% to the creators.People who upload content to Onlyfans generally advertise on other networks such as Instagram and Twitter.

Each one of them is autonomous to set a price for the monthly subscription of their channel and the premium content they generate, which is not included in the monthly fee. Profits vary depending on the number of subscriptions and the pieces of premium content they manage to sell.

While it is not easy to determine a creator's monthly profit, it is possible to approximate the average. For example, if a person has an account with 500 followers and has assessed a monthly subscription fee of $10, they can generate $5,000 per month, which when subtracted from the 20% Onlyfans keeps, leaves a free profit of $4,000, which is not insignificant considering that they can also sell additional content.

Of course, as in other social networks, there are Onlyfans stars who earn millions of dollars a month. However, there are pages with OnlyPacks where all their content is filtered for free. These sites are gaining great popularity as they offer exclusive content for free.

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