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Whether you have been vaping for some time now or you are new to vaping, we can help at Irresistible Vape House.

If you are new to vaping, we have electronic cigarettes for sale as well as starter kits suitable for the NZ market.

If you already vape, you will find an impressive range of products in our e-cig store, with delivery available throughout NZ.

The key components of a great vaping experience include:

High-quality devices and liquids
Excellent service and advice
Competitive prices

You get all these things and more when you come to us at Irresistible Vape House. We pride ourselves on the excellent reputation we have in the industry.

We take pride in helping people like you get the right vaping device as well as e-liquid that suits your tastes. Plus, we can help you upgrade or try new liquids as you become more experienced.

When you come to us, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality products from NZ and the world’s leading vaping and e-cigarette brands. This includes Irresistible, of course, as we sell our own in-house vaping juice from our online shop.

You can also be sure of excellent service, fast delivery, and low prices when you choose us for your next vaping product order.

From your perspective, you’ll get the best possible experience, fantastic products, and low prices when you shop with us. Browse the range today.

Buy online, visit us in-store, or get in touch if you have a question – please call +64-226833247.

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