Nuts and Seeds Market - Global Industry Analysis, and Forecast, 2021

The demand within the global nuts and seeds market is expanding at a sound pace in recent times. Use of various types of nuts in the food industry has played to the advantage of the vendors operating in the global nuts and seeds market. The high nutritional value of nuts and seeds has played an integral role in creating new opportunities within the global market. Besides, the export and import dynamics of nuts and seeds have undergone prominent changes as liberalization polices grip the international exchange market. Therefore, the global nuts and seeds market is slated to expand at a stellar pace in the years to follow. Use of nuts and seeds in food research has also given an impetus to market growth.

A review by Harvard Health points to the importance of nuts and seeds amongst nutritionists. The importance of nuts and seeds for patients suffering from, or at a risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases has driven market demand. Besides, doctors and medical practitioners have discretely explained the benefits of nuts and seeds for various population groups.

A report by Transparency Market Research (TMR) predicts that the global nuts and seeds market would expand at a sluggish CAGR of 1.7% over the period between 2015 and 2021. The total value of this market is slated to touch US$1,279.44 bn by 2021, growing from a market worth of US$1157.72 bn in 2015. The steady rate of growth can be attributed to trade restrictions on the import of nuts and seeds across certain regions. Besides, saturation of home markets has also constrained growth across the nuts and seeds market.

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Popularity of Nuts across Bakeries and Confectioneries

Walnuts and pistachios are widely used across the baking industry. The popularity of various types of cakes and cookies made out of nuts has given a thrust to the growth of the global nuts and seeds market. Furthermore, the food industry is constantly looking out for improved recipes and preparations. Nuts and seeds have helped several chefs in perfecting new dishes and recipes. Therefore, the global nuts and seeds market is set to touch new growth milestones in the coming times. Pumpkin seeds have become an important ingredient in health supplements.

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Exploring New Uses of Seeds

The food industry is exploring the benefits of various new seeds, oils, and nuts. As this trend gathers momentum, the demand for nuts and seeds shall flow in from research institutes and food testing units. Furthermore, the importance of cashew nuts, peanuts, and almonds in several cuisines has played a part in driving market demand. Packaging of nuts and seeds has played a vital role in attracting consumers. Vendors use high-end packaging technologies and distinct coverings to pack these products. Therefore, the marketing standards of the nuts and seeds market have improved in recent times.

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