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Marketing is one of the vastest fields either from the side of technology or from the side of the business. The marketing techniques have now spread far and wide and there exist several marketing tactics that can be implemented on the audience to drag it towards your products, services, and content.

Integrated Marketing mainly revolves around focusing the International marketing communications (IMC). They are tricky and need an approach to create a unified and smooth experience for the clients and customers to interact with the brand and business.
Integrated Marketing also attempts to cover all the aspects of the communication required in marketing. It includes; advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, and social media. All the activities and tactics are planned under Integrated Marketing to ensure strong communication strategies.

Following are the 5 notable examples of Integrated Marketing and their campaigns which collaborated successfully with marketing communications;

Apple’s Immersive Website and Shopfronts:
Apple is one of the most widely known technology company. There are very few companies around the whole globe that have the level of brand recognition like Apple. However, no doubt that the company has always provided a consistent and maintained a high level of brand integration and recognition. It doesn’t matter for the company, where consumers encounter it. You must have noticed that every Apple shopfront offers a look and it feels like an almost identical to that of its website. The particular sign of Apple Company makes it stand out from every other competitor. CV Writing Service penned, very few companies maintain such a smooth and seamless job of integrating the physical location with the online presence, which helps in offering customers an identifiable and recognizable user experience no matter where it is.

Domino Anywhere:
One of the most-known pizza chains “Dominos”, took a step ahead in ordering their pizza. They made their ordering software “AnyWare”, sounds appealing? The company did this to make a spotlight on the ease of ordering, so it doesn’t matter wherever a customer is. He can have a Domino’s pizza by making an order on the AnyWare. CV Maker supports that it also helped them to save customer information and expedite ordering. The application is easy to use and people can place the order via data, text, tweet, and smartwatch. It also involved an integrated marketing strategy along with headlines of their pages, digital and social advertising.

Southwest Airline Transparency:
Southwest Airlines created an integrated marketing technique which is named as “Transparency”. It is used to entertain and inform the customers about airline fees, and how to avoid them. In this way, Southwest stands out for implementing its clear cut fee structures. It will also help in showing the customers various easy ways to make the payment of flight changes and onboard snacks. The company also brought the tagline of “we’re different” and made it ideal for social media. And we all know how powerful social media is. It created a generated significant buzz. The successfully integrated marketing techniques are always by customer data.

Coca-Cola Life:
Coca-Cola is a leading beverage corporation who launched a new product “Coca-Cola Life” in 2013, to stand with other soft drinks with a month-long campaign. Coca-Cola Life matches the Coke Zero and Diet Coke making it a healthier option in other soft drinks. The campaign rolled out across 7,000 outdoor locations nationwide in the USA with billboards, buses, and digital screen ads. Coca-Cola arranged the competitions of sharing a Coca-Cola Life moment picture online along with the #CocaColaLife and #comp. The product was proven as a success, with a great integrated marketing campaign. During integrated marketing, ensure that there is brand consistency across the entire rollout. Planning must be done in a way that the message stays clear and easy enough to support the business and the audience must get engaged with it.

Always #LikeAGirl:
A widely known feminine care brand “Always” has always targeted the next generation of customers. The company made full use of the chance to support the girls who have a transition from puberty to young women. Research showed, that more than one-half of women claimed they experienced a decline in confidence at puberty. The Always creative team developed an integrated marketing campaign #LikeAGirl to support empowerment. The campaign used TV, print, and social media. #LikeAGirl is a video documentary film, which generated more than 85 million views on YouTube from 150 countries. 76% of people supported the hashtag with no negative comments no longer saw the phrase negatively.

The integrated marketing strategies are based on the data of your customers and you must have an engaging, clear, and positive message for the society with your brand. It will bring a huge brand recognition alongside the trust of an audience which plays a vital role to make your brand leading in the race of competitors.

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