Netflix’s One of the Most Basic Feature Is Finally Getting Offered on Amazon Prime Video

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are some of the most famous names in the list of video streaming services. Both of these services have attained an enormous user base over the years. Over the past few years, Netflix has gained over 182 million subscribers around the world which makes it one of the most comprehensive video streaming services of 2020. However, Amazon Prime Video is no lesser-known, with over 150 million subscribers worldwide that have increased from 100 million a year ago. Both of these video streaming services offer a wide range of content related to entertainment, movies, and shows. They also offer a wide variety of their “Original” content through their online libraries. You can watch from over thousands of shows, including your favorites to the newly launched, or the highest rated content.

With the increasing competition among the rivals and to have a lasting impression on the viewers, the video streaming services are evolving out with new features in their updates. They are trying to create unique features for video streaming so that the users can use the service with ease. They are adding new features in their applications as well as on their websites. However, it may happen that a feature that is released as a new one for a particular service might already be existing in another service. Recently Amazon Prime Video has launched an already existing feature of Netflix. We will discuss it in detail, but before that, let us look at what all features are already existing on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Netflix and Amazon’s List of Features
If we talk about Netflix, it offers some of the best features. You can use these features to have a better viewing experience.
You can create your custom playlist on Netflix. Although Netflix itself automatically arranges the list of movies and shows you have selected for watching, if you are not happy with it, you can create a custom playlist of your own.
You can disable the AutoPlay function to restrict Netflix from playing the recommendation, once you have finished a video or any episode of a particular show.

You can remove the data from your “Continue Watching” list, if not required.
You can set multiple profiles within the same account. You can share your Netflix account with up to five more users at a time. Create multiple profiles in your account and share those profiles with your loved ones. You can also customize those profiles depending on whom you are sharing your account with. If you are giving access to any of the sub-accounts to your children, you can age restrict some of the shows or videos depending upon your choice. In short, you can have parental control over the sub-accounts made by you for your children.

If we talk about Amazon Prime Video, it does offer a 30-day free trial similar to Netflix, and also some other general features are identical to Netflix. Although, for several years it missed a primary feature. Finally, after a very long time, Amazon Prime Video is catching up to competitors like Netflix and others. We have discussed the newly added feature and its details in the below-mentioned paragraph.

Amazon Prime Video Adds a New Feature to Its Service
Amazon has finally added a new feature to its Amazon Prime Video streaming service. This feature will be applicable in the mobiles, as well as set-top box versions. This feature is similar to the already existing feature of Netflix, where you create multiple profiles within a single account. This feature allows you to share your account with up to six users at a time. All six profiles will have separate watch lists and independent watch history. These six profiles can be made for kids as well as adults or a mixed collection of both. Amazon has made a distinction between user-profiles and kid’s profiles. Although this feature has launched on July 8, 2020, it won’t be available for all the users right away. This feature was already supported by the user profiles of Africa and India previously, and it is now making its way to the rest of the world, including the United States. This feature is similar to the already existing feature of Netflix, and by adding this feature, Amazon Prime Video has bought itself in close comparison with the other streaming services.

Some of the other streaming services were already offering advanced administrators as well as parental controls to the users. Amazon, by adding this feature in its streaming service, has now come in close competition with the other available streaming services. You can customize a profile according to the requirements. You can restrict some of the shows and videos for the newly added profile in your account. While adding a new profile to your account, you can flag that profile as a kid’s profile. Doing this will only recommend tv shows and films that are age-appropriate for the user of that particular profile. Also, a child using the kid’s profile will get restricted from making any purchases. This is best if you want to maintain proper parental control of the content your kids watch.

Amazon is also including other option for restricting the content on a per device basis. It is also including a filter option for filtering the content as desired. It became a necessity for Amazon to add these features due to the increasing competition. With a vast number of streaming services offering more and more well improved and new features, Amazon had to make some new changes in its streaming service. Also, it has been seen that Disney+ and Netflix are getting more popular day by day, as they are continuously adding new and improved features in their services for attracting new customers and for retaining the already existing ones. So, Amazon had to take the step.

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