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NC arrest records are used by government entities in the state, the law enforcement agencies and even prospective employers during the hiring process as a source of information about individuals. These play a very important role in the society today. In the United States, millions of arrest records now exist for Americans and hundreds of thousands of even millions of records are added every year.

Today, technology makes it a lot easier than ever to find a wealth of information about individuals. In just a few mouse clicks, the web will take you to places you have never been and introduce you to things and places you have seen or met. However, gaining access to official or reliable arrest records or criminal background check is not always as easy and simple as the use of search engine.


What is an Arrest Record?

An arrest record is the recorded documentation that illustrates the criminal history of a person in the event that he has been convicted of criminal activity in a court of law. This record is kept on file in archives that belong to both the judicial administrative institutions and enforcement agencies.

What Information is Included on NC Arrest Records?

NC arrest records contain personal information, including the individual’s age and last known address. Included in the arrest record of a person are the detailed regarding his/her arrest and photographs, criminal charges, fingerprints, social security number, results of prior arrests and others. Criminal convictions are also usually included on these records.

Classification of Crime

In the United States, the criminal classification may range from misdemeanor to felony. An arrest record that is associated with misdemeanors may often retain shorter limitations statutes. Felonies, on the other hand, include crimes that are considered to be the most punishable. Such crimes normally retain longer limitation statutes regarding associated Arrest Records. All or any additional criminal convictions, supplementary arrests and pending hearings will be present on a bulk of arrest records.


Is it Possible to Clear your Arrest Record?

If you know you have an arrest record, don’t stress too much about your record. Under particular circumstances, you can have your arrest record cleared. However, it is important to note that whether or not your arrest records can be cleared actually depends on the jurisdictions, as well as their rules with regards to expungements. The expungement of an arrest record refers to the elimination of a conviction and/or an arrest by court order from government records, which include the police records.

There are some jurisdictions that permit an individual to expunge convictions and arrests, but it all depends on the criminal act. For instance, some traffic violations and sex crimes aren’t expugnable. Also, other jurisdictions allow arrest records to be expunged only when there’s no subsequent case conviction.

Do you Need to Talk to a Lawyer About your Arrest Records in North Carolina?

It is absolutely recommended that you talk to you lawyer and discuss your arrest records or any other public criminal records with a reliable criminal attorney. Criminal lawyers are experts in this field and they can give you sound advice on how to deal with the situation and what actions should be taken to address the problem. If you want to expunge your arrest records, an attorney can also help you understand if you meet eligible requirements.

Accessing NC Arrest Records

Arrest records are normally mattes of public record. This means that unless such records have been expunged or sealed, the general public can access them. There are many instances that may raise wherein people want to look up the records of other people.

While there are many different ways and online services that will charge you to complete these actions, some ways to look up the arrest records of other people are free. If you are looking for NC arrest records, you may go to the state website to know if this information is available.

Some states’ websites also have features on them that enable others to search an individual’s arrest record in a county or state. These services are often provided for free and would just require you to input the name of the person, date of birth and ethnicity. In general, obtaining NC Arrest records is not as difficult as you might think.

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