Must have features of a online examination software .

The school year started late with the unprecedented advent of the coronavirus, which led to massive delays in competitive exams. Colleges are obligated to resort to home-based remote online supervisory exams to ensure continuity of education.
If you are looking for a way to lead college and take entrance exams by sticking to the norms of social distancing with online test supervision software, this article is for you. We have listed all the essential information you need to know before taking the college entrance exam.

Everything you need to know about online supervisory exams
Operated with the help of online examination software and renowned for its timing, the supervised exam can monitor the candidate computer\'s desktop, webcam video and audio while attempting the exam. Data is recorded during the exam. If you later inquire about the use of unfair means, it will be sent to the supervisory service for review.

It\'s so easy to register and take. You can pay by step.

Step 1: choose the type of software you want to buy
It offers two types of software. Customized and non-customized, first custom i.e. the owner of the teacher or coaching institution contact us to provide the software according to the requirements of the teacher and coaching owner. In the second, i.e. non-customized, you can register using the link provided, and use the test-performing software to view student exams in less than 5 minutes.

Step 2: share the URL with students

To get started with the online test supervision software, students need to access the URL provided by the educational institution on their computers each time they take an exam.

The place where you will be taking the test should be neat so that the text is not visible on the wall. Following the system requirements, you should follow the next steps outlined below.

Step 3: identification

Students are required to verify their identity by taking a webcam photo, photo ID before starting the exam. They also have to scan the rooms and desks where students are taking exams. With pesofts, online exam software colleges that perform exams provide advanced facial recognition features for this certification so only those who have registered for the exam can try the exam.

Our software provides a confidence score to help ensure a match, and a two-factor authentication process helps prevent fraudulent activity by limiting test access.

Step 4: start the exam and try the question

Once confirmed, students can start the exam and try to ask questions. The university has the discretion to add questions in any format, from comprehensive base questions to MCQ, to complex equations based either manually or automatically, one by one in PDF.

You can also set a time limit for students to submit assessments while taking the test. If there are other rules in the course exam, such as that students can only visit the question, you must inform the candidate of the same.

While students take the exam, the supervisory software monitors the computer in real time. It combines the power of automated supervision with human monitoring and intervention during supervision.

This includes all other software running. It also streams test data to software for supervision via the cloud. Suppose your students are stuck during an exam or face a technical question.

In some cases, you can connect to the software\'s technical chat, which is available 24/7, as well as an effective one-on-one chat between supervisors and candidates.

Step 5: submit test when done

It can be ended at the same time when time runs out or students finish the exam. After submitting the exam, the supervisory service reviews the session.

Conducted with the help of software for online exams amid the anxiety that students feel while taking exams through remote online supervision, this assessment method is beneficial for both students and universities. Let\'s understand how.

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