More than 45 encapsulated cell therapies and encapsulation

Extensive research on cell encapsulation strategies has enabled the development of a variety of technologies capable of immobilizing / enclosing therapeutic entities within biocompatible matrices / carriers. Such products offer a myriad of advantages, and have demonstrated the capability to address existing challenges related to cell therapies and certain other types of interventions as well.
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The USD 3.7 billion (by 2030) financial opportunity within the encapsulated cell therapies and encapsulation technologies market has been analyzed across the following segments:

Type of licensing deal payment

Upfront payment

Milestone payment

Therapeutic area

Metabolic disorder

Neurological disorder

Ophthalmic disorder

Oncological disorder

Target disease indication

Ataxia telangiectasia

Breast cancer



Head and neck cancer

Macular telangectasia

Pancreatic cancer

Parkinson's disease

Retinitis pigmentosa

Type of encapsulation material used

Alginate-based microcapsule

Cellulose hydrogel

Medical-grade plastic

Red blood cell

Key geographical region

North America


Asia-Pacific and rest of the world

The Cell Encapsulation: Focus on Therapeutics and Technologies, 2019-2030 report features the following companies, which we identified to be key players in this domain:  
  • Azellon Cell Therapeutics
  • Beta-Cell
  • Betalin Therapeutics
  • CellProtect Biotechnology
  • Diatranz Otsuka
  • Encellin
  • EryDel
  • Gloriana Therapeutics
  • Living Cell Technologies
  • MaxiVAX
  • Neurotech Pharmaceuticals
  • PharmaCyte Biotech
  • Semma Therapeutics
  • Sernova
Table of Contents

1.         Preface

2.         Executive Summary

3.         Introduction

4.         Current Market Landscape

5.         Encapsulated Cell Therapies and Encapsulation Technologies for Metabolic Disorders: Company Profiles

6.         Encapsulated Cell Therapies and Encapsulation Technologies for Non-Metabolic Disorders: Company Profiles


7.         Patent Analysis


8.         Clinical Trial Analysis


9.         Recent Partnerships

10.       Funding and Investment Analysis

11.       Grant Analysis


12.       Potential Strategic Partners 

13.       Market Forecast

14.       Conclusion

15.       Executive Insights

16.       Appendix 1: Tabulated Data


17.       Appendix 2: List of Companies and Organizations

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