Mobile App Development Process

The process of mobile app development can be daunting, to say the least.

It requires a lot of planning, brainstorming, sketching, approving concepts, etc.
So let’s go through the entire process of going from an app idea to a fully-functional mobile app that users can download, install, and enjoy.
  1. Knowing what the App Requires
This is a critical pre-development phase. You can’t take shortcuts on this because it can mar your project. And app developers know that the app requirements must be written down — it’s not a guesswork.
At Aalpha, we spend adequate time and effort to listen to our clients and understand their requirements.
We also explore the possibilities and opportunities with their app and make sure their brand isn’t left behind.
Yes, everything matters!
We want to help the client achieve their goal, so our project managers, developers, designers, and administrators discuss the project with the client.
If required, our team can meet with the client anywhere they are to gain the first-hand experience with the brand and services.

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  1. Exploring Platforms
At this stage, we like to explore platforms for your app. Why? Because we understand there’s a big difference between developing an app for a startup or an established company.
Oftentimes, startups have their audience and know the platform they prefer. However, most startups ask us for our expert advice and suggestions.
It makes sense to define who the target audience is, their behaviors, and what needs they have.
Once that’s sorted, we can choose between Android and iOS or make it a cross-platform app to suit every platform.
  1. App Development Stage
This is where our developers get busy. Regardless of the size of your app, our developers work hard; putting in infinite hours to make your mobile app a reality.
But there’s more. When an app is being developed, the client needs to stay updated about the project. So that’s the job of project managers, to keep the client up-to-date.
Of course, the client can make suggestions and give feedback. The project manager receives it, transfers it to the development team and the suggestions are incorporated into the app.
In case of any reservations, then the concerns are briefed upon so we can discuss it.
Aalpha ensures that everything goes smoothly, deadlines are met, and the client isn’t left in the dark throughout the life of the project.
  1. Testing the App
You should get a functional and flawless mobile app if you work with a trusted team of developers.
Testing the app is important to ensure it’s working as planned. Each feature of the app is tested to avoid any bugs and technical issues after launch.

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