Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper stopped working while installing Office

Microsoft tried to speed up the installation of its products by implementing the latest technology. Before, we used executable files which were quite effective in installing the product with one click. Nevertheless, Microsoft uses Bootsrapper technology in Office 2019/2013/2016. Bootstrapper is responsible for initializing the program created with the library of compound programs.

Recently, when installing Microsoft Office, we faced the installation failure dilemma due to Bootsrapper technology. We got the following error:

Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working

An error caused the application to stop working properly. Windows will close the application and notify you if a solution can be obtained.

As you can see in the error message displayed earlier, Windows closes the application but never tells you anything later to fix this problem, and you have to manually fix it manually using the following measures:

Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper has stopped working

Before you begin, specify a system restore point before using this option. Because making registry errors can lead to system corruption.

Completely uninstall your Office configuration. It is very important. After doing this, do the following and see if it helps.

1. Press the Windows key + R mix, type regedit in the Run dialog box, and then press the Input button to start Registry Editor.

2. In the left pane, browse here:

3. At this point in the registry, as shown in the image above, right-click the AppCompatFlags key and select Export. Save the key as a registration document in a convenient place on your own system for backup. Click on the exact identical key, i.e. AppCompatFlags, and select Delete.

Now you can close Registry Editor and then restart your device.

After restarting your computer, you need to install Microsoft Office in a clean boot state.

Find out if you can fix the problem by following this process.

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