Michigan Hometown Comfort Foods

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There is nothing like the familiar comfort foods and dishes of home. If you have spent any time in Michigan, you will find many posts for our love of Upper Peninsula Pasties, Faygo RedPop, BetterMade potato chips, and Vernor’s ginger ale. That is only the beginning. Michigan has unique and tasty varieties of comfort food dishes originating from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to the Ohio and Indiana border. We look at Michigan Hometown Comfort Foods

The Michigan Coney

There is no other uniquely Hometown Michigan food that will spark arguments then Michiganders love of Coney dogs. Brought to Michigan by Greek immigrants who passed through New York in the early 1900’s, the Michigan style Coney dog consists of a grilled natural casing hot dog sitting on a steamed bun that has been smothered in meat sauce and topped with mustard and onions. The variations of this concoction are endless however, there are four basic Coney Island styles in found in the Great Lake State.

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