Micellesorb/VESIsorb CBD - Tiny CBD Droplets Boost Absorption of CBD by More than 450%

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There are two big issues with taking CBD oil - low-quality brands and low-bioavailability. Since this is a growing market, dozens of new companies emerge daily and many of them focus more on marketing than on product quality. This of course makes it difficult to choose the best product.

Fortunately, a new solution, called micellesorb or VESIsorb solves both of those problems at the same time - it creates a product that delivers high absorption rates (upwards of 5-fold compared to traditional capules) and it also weeds (no pun intended) out low quality players in the space, by requiring companies to pay a substantial patent tax on using the technology.

One of the leading VESIsorb/Micellesorb brands out there is of course, Niva (discount link).

The only drawback of this whole process is a higher price CBD oil. But as you are about to see, the increased bio-availability actually makes the product cheaper in the end. Micellesorb and VESIsorb products are probably about twice as expensive as \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'normal\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' CBD brands, but since the amount of CBD you absorb is a lot higher, you actually pay less per milligram of CBD actually reaching your cells.

Read more on micellesorb and vesisorb cbd oil here.

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